Fishing Tackle - Swivels

fishing-swivelA fishing swivel consists of two rings connected to a pivoting joint. The main purpose of the swivel is to allow the line to untwist during line retrieval, preventing undesirable tangling.

Few notes:

- the presence of the swivel has been said to decrease the effectiveness of some types of lures, although it is shown that colored swivels can actually attract some game fish.

fishing-swivel-3w- three-way swivels provide a point of connection for an additional lure or length of line and are essential for certain line and hook setups.

- depending on the position of the lure, the hooks can become entangled in various ways with the swivel.

- it is also noted that swivels can act as a weak points in the line and therefore lessen the likelihood of catching a larger or harder fighting fish (swivel sizes range from a few millimeters to several centimeters, so does their strength)

Stainless Steel Fishing Leaders Black with Snap and Swivel, 12" Long, 35 Pounds Test, 24x

black-leader-with-snap-and-swivel-2mStainless Steel Fishing Leaders Black with Snap and Swivel, 12" Long, 35 Pounds Test, pack of 24, is good set of decent steel wire fishing leaders for rough terrains and for fish with sharp teeth and strong jaws. These wire leaders will prevent fishermen from losing fishing rigs and in the end, fish itself.

FreeFisher Barrel Swivel With Safty Snap Connector

freefisher-barrel-swivel-with-safty-snap-connector-mFreeFisher Barrel Swivel With Safety Snap Connector is 100 pcs set. They come in various sizes and strengths, so choose according to your needs.

Boone Black Crane Duo-Lock Swivels, 50-Pound

boone-black-crane-duo-lock-swivels-50-pound-1mBoone Black Crane Duo-Lock Swivels, 50-Pound, are classic, low cost, duo-lock, fishing swivels.

Lee Precision 50 PCS Fishing Line to Hook Clip Snap Connector Swivels

lee-precision-50-pcs-swivel-stainless-steel-100lbs-test-1mLee Precision 50 pcs Fishing Line to Hook Clip Snap Connector Swivels Size 1 Stainless Steel 100 lbs Test. As its name implies, this is package of 50 stainless steel swivels with snap clip for fishing line, tested to 100 lbs (45kg).

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