Boone Black Crane Duo-Lock Swivels, 50-Pound

Boone Black Crane Duo-Lock Swivels, 50-Pound, are classic, low cost, duo-lock, fishing swivels.


Design and specification:

boone-black-crane-duo-lock-swivels-50-pound-2- size 5 fishing swivels with duo-lock (note on the photo above (to the right) the design of swivel snap connectors).

- swivels have 50 pounds (around 22.5 kg) test breaking point, so in combination with appropriate line and rod, nice game fish can be landed.

- very effectively eliminates line twisting, especially useful when trolling.

- package: 10 swivels per pack.

Long story short: good and reliable fishing swivels, not a rocket science - use them and they will do their job.

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