FreeFisher Barrel Swivel With Safty Snap Connector

freefisher-barrel-swivel-with-safty-snap-connectorFreeFisher Barrel Swivel With Safety Snap Connector is 100 pcs set of fishing swivels. They come in various sizes and strengths, so choose according to your needs.

Length, weight and breaking strength according to their size:

Size 2/0#:

Length: 5.3cm/2.09in
Weight: 2g/0.07oz
Breaking Strength: 34kg/75lbs


Size 1#:

Length: 4.1cm/1.61in
Weight: 1g/0.035oz
Breaking Strength: 15kg/33lbs

Size 4#:

Length: 2.9cm/1.14in
Weight: 0.47g
Breaking Strength: 9kg/20lbs


Size 8#:

Length: 2.2cm/0.87in
Weight: 0.2g
Breaking Strength: 5kg/11lbs

Swivels have black anodized coating that protect them from corrosion in salt water - however, if you do have opportunity to wash them with fresh water after fishing, they will last for long period of time.

Barrel swivels are stronger than 'ordinary' swivels and when used with properly sized lines and elastic enough rods, these swivels will help you land pretty nice catches :)

Snap connectors are tightly made and requires some strength in fingers to put the line in, but pliers are not necessary. Swivel rotates easily even under tension, which is very important when trying to land a catch. Sturdy and well made piece of fishing tackle.

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