Finding Suitable Fishing Bait on the Beach

Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations where finding a suitable fishing bait can be problematic, especially if we didn't even plan to go fishing. What to do in such situations?

This often happens when we go to the seaside for, for example, swimming. And then suddenly we realize that there are some nice fishes swimming around. So, you take your small fishing rod you have for situations just like this and want to hook a bait - but what can be found quickly and easily that will attract most fish to strike a hook?

Bread as Fishing Bait

finding-bait-on-the-beach-3Bread is often underestimated fishing bait, but it shouldn't be. Most people consider it as second grade bait and useful only for small fish - many of us started fishing as little kids using bread exclusively :o)

Anyway, many fish species are going to take bread as bait, especially in shallow water and yes, especially small fishes. But, there are species that are going to grab piece of bread and put a really nice fight like various mullets, seabreams etc.

There is one catch - fish don't like smell of humans and less you touch and play with your bread intended for bait, better. If possible, before touching bread with your fingers, touch some cheese with fingers - this way, hooked piece of bread will have additional odor of cheese and not of you. Also, mixing some cheese with bread and making pasta is great bait for many fish species.

On the downside - bread and bread paste are soft baits - single fish strike or rod strike is all what is needed for bread to fall off the hook...

Cheese as Fishing Bait

There are certain fish species that simply can't resist good cheese - just like some of us :o)

Cheese can be used in small cubes - soft cheese fall off easily, but harder types of cheese can be very tough. And size of hooked fish can be really surprising - for example, Gilthead Seabream will grab a hooked cheese almost always, so prepare yourself for some surprises.

As said before, cheese can be used for making bread and other pastes. Also, smell of the cheese camouflage smell of human fingers, so give it a try.

Live Bait Found on the Beach

finding-bait-on-the-beach-1There are numerous marine species that can be found on the beach. It takes some time to gather them, but they are worth it.

Even better - if you are on the beach with family and friends, there are great chance that there are plenty of kinds around.

So, promise them, for example, an ice-cream for a handful of hermit crabs or prawns or worms or ... You get an idea? :o)

Anyway, 3-4 kids in no time can gather unusual amount of live bait - ice-cream can do wonders in such situations :o)


Hermit Crabs as Fishing Bait

finding-bait-on-the-beach-2Hermit crabs are little crabs that inhabit abandoned seashells (mostly from sea snails). This way they protect their soft bellies and many fish species simply adore them.

Gently crack the seashell and pull them out alive - throw pieces of seashell into the water and after few seconds throw baited hook onto same location - strike will follow almost immediately. After striking back with a rod, you will either have fish on the hook or empty hook.

Prepare some more change money for some more ice-creams :o)


Prawns as Fishing Bait

prawn3Live prawns and shrimps are great bait - depending on the species, they can be found among small rocks or in the sea grass - kids skilled in catching prawns using small hand nets can be of great help.

Also, catching prawns in the shallows can be also very relaxing activity.

When hooked by tail, prawns can stay alive for longer period of time and attract fish to strike. If there are larger fishes around, fishing using live prawns can yield in some nice fish specimens.

Worms as Fishing Bait

Worms are also one of the great choices for fishing from the beach. When hooked alive, their movements attract fish to grab them and hopefully get hooked.

Worms come in various species, some of them very small and some of them are really big and caught only using special equipment.

Mussels and Other Clamshells as Fishing Bait

Clamshells are one of the best fish baits around - unfortunately, they are also one of the softest baits around, so when you get a fish strike, you will get either a hooked fish or empty hook. Familiar? :o)

Sea Snails as Fishing Bait

Sea snails come in various sizes and species. They are often tough and hold on hook very firmly. Fish don't like fish snails as much as seashells, but they will eventually bait them.

Also, there are species of fish that commonly feed on sea snails - those species when present, will almost immediately grab a hooked sea snail.

Of course, there are other items, foods, marine species etc that can be used as bait when fishing - use your imagination and only the sky will be limit ...