Fishing Techniques

fishing-techniqueIt is almost impossible to name all of the fishing techniques that can be used for catching fish in a single article. Every part of the world has it's own unique fishing history and tradition, different fish species, climate, weather etc. We are all unique, after all, and our different personal experiences make us resolve same problems with different solutions.

After all, how would you call 'a fishing technique' when a person, for example:

- fish from the beach for (European) Sea Bass (or Eels, they can often be found in the same area and they both like small mullets),

- use a rod and a reel,

- use a small live mullet as a bait,

- use a RC (remote control) boat to pull a bait far from the shore,

- and then slowly reel back (trolling!) the bait over the shallow water...

RC boat, in this case, is not used for actual fishing. This way, bait is not damaged due to casting and it is released at exact location as wanted.

Recreational fishing is not only about fish, it is about fishing itself. If you ever find yourself in above mentioned situation (or anything similar), you will enjoy every single moment of it... Even if something grabs the bait 'too soon' and pulls the RC boat under the water :)

Here are few words about individual fishing techniques (articles are sorted alphabetically):

Beach Fishing

beach-fishingBeach fishing is form of shore fishing, done from various beaches. These areas are accessed easily all year long and can have various bottom terrains. Fishing among swimmers is not recommended, except for little kids trying/learning to catch really small fish in the shallows. But, off season fishing using long rods (with or without RC boats) can be very interesting with great catches ...


bowfishing-mBowfishing is excellent and exiting fishing technique that uses bows and arrows for catching fish. It requires great accuracy, patients, often strength and stamina, nerves etc. Game fish is species that can be seen on the surface or species that tend to jump above water - misses are common, especially for beginners...

Deep Sea Fishing

marlin-jumpDeep Sea Fishing is fishing in deep waters, usually deeper than 30 meters. Deep Sea fishing is sometimes called 'offshore fishing' or 'open waters fishing', but these terms, although very similar should not be confused. Very often, terrain dependent, very deep waters can be found not far away from the shore - for example, you can be less than a mile from the shore, yet, your hooks are maybe hundred meters or more below the surface ...


droplining-1mA droplining is a commercial or recreational fishing technique - long fishing line is set vertically down into the water, with a series of baited fishing hooks attached to snoods. Depending on the sea depth, droplining can be form of deep sea fishing.


handline-fishingHandline fishing, or handlining, is fishing with a fishing line or lines that are held in the hands. Handlining with more than one line can be done effectively only by very experienced fishermen.

Ice Fishing

ice fishing holeIce fishing is practice of fishing fish with lines and hooks or spears through the holes in the ice on frozen water (sea, lakes, rivers etc.). It is increasing in popularity, especially in far and remote areas.


longline-fishing-mLonglining is a commercial and recreational fishing technique that uses heavy fishing line with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. This is very similar to trotline fishing, except that entire rig is in the water - start and end of main line is anchored by means of more or less heavy weights on sea floor.

Netting - Net Fishing

cast-net-mNetting is one of the oldest forms of fishing. Various forms of net fishing are very important commercially, but for recreational fishing netting is not so important. On the other hand, some forms of net fishing are very popular in some parts of the world as form of recreational fishing and are growing in popularity.

Offshore Fishing

trolling-rig-1Offshore fishing is fishing far from the shores. It is done using fast and robust boats often large enough and equipped for fishing trips that can last for days. Catches are usually big and strong fish species like various marlins and tunas. Since these species are rare and difficult to find and catch, fish is often released after being caught...

Pier Fishing

pier-fishingPier fishing is fishing usually from piers on the beaches or in harbors and marinas among ships, boats, yachts... It can be done using rods or as form of hand-line fishing. Size of fish vary, but fish sometimes can me surprisingly large - usually one can hope for pan size specimens. Fishing is done on or near surface (using various rigs with floats) or on or near bottom, using various sinkers.

RC Fishing

rc-boat-fishingRC fishing is one of the newer fishing techniques and it is not clearly defined by laws in many countries. Anyway, RC boat fishing comes in various forms - often it is limited by the imagination of fishermen trying to get fish hooked. And we all know how imaginative fishermen can be, right? :o)

Rock Fishing

rock-fishingRock fishing is a form of shore fishing - usually it is done from rocks during bad weather for species that feed under such conditions. This kind of fishing is often real adventure with great catches, but can be dangerous. If one falls into the waves, single wave can throw him/her onto the rocks with crushing strength - people die this way. Of course, this is just a warning, but ...

Shore Fishing

shore-fishingShore fishing is form of fishing from the shore or from the shallows (standing or sitting). It comes in various forms - pier fishing, rock fishing, beach fishing etc are just forms of shore fishing. Rigs used for shore fishing depends on many things like shore and bottom terrain, weather, desired catch, etc. Hand-line fishing is common in many areas even from shore, but rods can extend the reach and cast bait much further.


spearfishing-1Spearfishing is one of the oldest forms of fishing in the world. It is one of the most exciting and physically most demanding forms of recreational fishing. Spearfishing may be done from shore or from the boat or using free-diving, snorkeling or scuba diving techniques. Spearfishing is highly selective form of fishing that normally uses no bait and has no by-catch.

Trapping - Fish Traps

fish-trapFish traps are used worldwide from ancient times onwards. They are used for both commercial and recreational fishing - recreational trap fishing is often very restricted regarding size and number of allowed traps.


trolling-lure-mTrolling is a fishing technique with one or more lines (with baits or lures) which are drawn through the water. This may be done by pulling the line behind a slow moving boat, or by slowly winding the line in when fishing from the land or an anchored boat.


trotline-1mTrotlining is a fishing technique that uses heavy fishing line with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. A trotline can be set so it covers the width of a channel, river, or stream with baited hooks and can be left unattended.

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