handline-fishingHandline fishing, or handlining, is fishing with a fishing line or lines that are held in the hands. Handlining with more than one line can be done effectively only by very experienced fishermen.

Handlining is one of the oldest forms of fishing and is still common in many parts of the world. Using rods has many benefits, but only handlining provide direct contact of fisherman with the hooked fish since every single strike of fish is directly transferred onto fingers and hands - this can lead to injuries when larger and stronger fish is hooked, but isn't that the point of all of this? :)

handlining-trollingHandline fishing is the form of fishing technique applicable in:


Handline fishing have several drawbacks:

- casting distance is much shorter when compared with casting with rods
- lines can become entangled, especially when there is plenty of line needed (deep sea fishing, trolling)
- one can injure him/herself due to strong strikes while fighting with fish
- lines snap more easily due to fish strikes, when compared with fishing with rods

Handline fishing enables fisherman to sense even the smallest 'touches' of bait by even the smallest or very suspicious fish. Even state of live bait can be judged by it's actions on the line.

Nonetheless, fishing using rods is more popular due to many benefits it provides.

But, handline trolling for king mackerel, amber-jacks and similar species can be incredible experience - you will probably end up with damaged skin on your palm and fingers, but injuries will heal, scars will tell the story and make you proud! :)