Netting - Net Fishing

Netting is one of the oldest forms of fishing. Various forms of net fishing are very important commercially, but for recreational fishing netting is not so important.

On the other hand, some forms of net fishing are very popular in some parts of the world as form of recreational fishing and are growing in popularity:

Cast or Throw Nets

cast-netCast or throw nets are small round nets with weights on the edges. Cast nets are carried and thrown by the fishermen after waiting for suitable moment - school of fish, gathered near by.

Sizes of cast nets vary up to about five meters in diameter. The net is thrown by hand in such a manner that it spreads out on the water and sinks. Fish are caught as the net is hauled back in. This type of net fishing is used mainly over shallows, with main target being schools of smaller fish. However, it is not rare to catch larger specimens of predatory species which often can be found near schools of smaller fish.


Dragnet is for of fishing net that is dragged along the bottom of the sea. This form of netting requires several fishermen and the boat to throw the net into the sea and than to drag it out.

Fish species like mullets can avoid these nets by jumping over the nets - some dragnets have 'fences' above sea surface to prevent such jumps.

This form of netting is not allowed in some countries.

Hand Nets

Hand nets are small nets that are held open by a hoop. They are positioned on the end of a long stiff handle. They are also one of the oldest fishing tools. Usually they are used for catching fish near the water surface or in the seaweed together with other sea organisms like, for example, prawns.

When such a net is used by an angler to help land a fish it is known as a landing net, although they are often used for both purposes (especially models with shorter or telescopic handle).

Lift Nets

A lift nets are also held open by a hoop and they have an opening which faces upwards. Lift net is first submerged to a desired depth (or it rests on the sea floor) and then lifted from the water when enough fish gathers above the net. It can be lifted either manually or mechanically and can be operated on a boat or from a shore - usually from the fishing piers.

There are also other forms of fishing using various nets, often popular locally, depending where you are on a fishing trip. And you know what they say: 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do ...' :o)