Rock Fishing

rock-fishingRock fishing is a form of shore fishing - usually it is done from rocks during bad weather for species that feed under such conditions. This kind of fishing is often real adventure with great catches, but can be dangerous. If one falls into the waves, single wave can throw him/her onto the rocks with crushing strength - people die this way. Of course, this is just a warning, but you can never be too careful when one's life is at stake - never, but really never underestimate the strength and the danger of waves crushing at rocks ashore ...

Rock Fishing Boots, Shoes, Cleats ...

rock-fishing-cleats-mVery often, all that stand between you and falling into the waves is what you have on your feet - boots or shoes. One needs strong boots or shoes that can hold a firm grip onto wet rock surface and take considerable punishment due to regular kicks on the all four sides of the boots.

Often, to increase traction, cleats are added to various boots or sport shoes. Nonetheless, be careful when looking for good rock fishing shoes - some models are fantastic under almost all conditions, but don't hold very well on, for example, wet seaweed often found on rocks exposed to waves and tides.


Too extreme? :)

Rock Fishing Rods, Rod Holders, Reels, Lines

Fishing tackle used for rock climbing must be very robust. Hits or at least contacts between rods and rocky surface are not uncommon - worse weather, more hits, slips and similar undesirable events. Rod holders are important if you are going to fish with more than one rod - you have problem then how to fix such rod holder on hard and slippery surface, which can be solved, but it really depends on type of local terrain. Lines are often in contact with rocks (with or without seaweed) and can be damaged easily - try to find fishing lines with harder surface, since such lines are harder to damage.

Rock Fishing Lures and Baites

rock-fishing-prawnWhen trolling from the rocks, various lures can be used, depending on the game fish. Especially when trolling among waves, lures can be very efficient in teasing predatory fish to strike.

Best baits for rock fishing is locally caught small fish and crabs - hooked live crabs or prawns can live for long time, but if you have found a good spot for rock fishing, hardly that they'll have more than a few moments before fish strike.