Trapping - Fish Traps

fish-trapFish traps are used worldwide from ancient times onwards. They are used for both commercial and recreational fishing - recreational trap fishing is often very restricted regarding size and number of allowed traps.

Fishing traps are used from sea shallows to very deep seas and they range in size from very small (1-2 liters) to very large (several cubic meters). They stay in water for few hours to several days, depending on the trap size, fishing position, game fish etc.

Very often, traps are optimized for certain fish (or crab) species, but recreational fishermen often use general purpose fish traps.

Modern traps are made from plastic or metal, although more traditional materials can be found locally.

Modern collapsible traps allow fishermen to carry more traps per fishing trip - this not only helps to increase catch but also decreases gear volume on the boat - increases safety.

One of my favorite 'fish' traps are small traps made from used water or coke plastic bottles. They are used for catching live bait like very small mullets or prawns. Due to their small size, I usually use several of them - live prawns are great bait for shore or boat trolling for numerous predatory species.

Note: never leave fish trap or net in the sea - ghost traps and nets kill numerous sea creatures every year.