trotline-1Trotlining is a fishing technique that uses heavy fishing line with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. A snood is a short length line which is attached to the main line using a clip or swivel, with the hook at the other end - very similar to longline fishing. A trotline can be set so it covers the width of a channel, river or stream with baited hooks and can be left unattended. In some areas where fish migration occurs, hooks can be without baits - in their migrations, fishes touches hooks and accidentally get hooked. In channels with strong currents, lures can be used instead of baited hooks, but in such conditions, positioning of the main line can be problematic due to current strength.There are many ways to set a trotline, with most methods involving weights to hold the main line below the surface of the water. Trotlines should be used with caution as they are illegal in many countries.

Trotlines vs. Droplines

Trotlines are in many ways similar to droplines. Whereas a trotline has a series of hooks suspended horizontally in the water, a dropline has a series of hooks suspended vertically in the water.

Trotlines vs. Longlines

Main trotline line is very similar to main longline line and in many areas they are used interchangeably - sometimes these rigs are used ad trotlines (accross channels, for examples) and sometimes as main line for longline (when entire rig is in the water).