Marine and Fishing Knots

fishing-knotsbowline-knot-mMaking knots is one of the most important things fisherman have to learn in order to make various fishing rigsor moor the boat or to do something else involving the ropes, lines, chains etc.

Fortunately, making knots is like riding a bike - when you learn it, you will never forget it.

Don't know how to tie a hook? Don't worry, make a small longline and you will learn it for a lifetime :o)

Similar is with knots and ropes - some of them should be learned till perfection to be able to make them during night with one hand. On the other hand, some of the knots can be made only using two hands with enough light to see what we are actually doing.

List of most common knots, alphabetical order:

Bowline Knot

bowline knotBowline knot is simple and very important knot, commonly used to form a fixed loop at the end of the rope. It easily tied and untied, even after being under the load.

Clove Hitch

clove hitchClove Hitch is one of the more important knots, together with the bowline and the sheet bend. It is secure knot, but it could be better.

Double Overhand Knot

double-overhand-knot-mDouble Overhand Knot is basically an Overhand Knot with one more pass of the rope's end through the loop.

Figure 8 Knot

figure-8-knot-mFigure 8 Knot is very simple knot - it is used as stopper knot on the rope's end. It is larger than Overhand Knot, but smaller than Double Overhand Knot.

Half Hitch

half hitchHalf hitch is a very simple knot, rarely used on its own since it is not a secure knot.

However, it is important part of various reliable hitches and knots. It is one of the most basic knots and one should really learn how to tie it, even with closed eyes.

Overhand Knot

overhand-knot-1The Overhand Knot is very simple knot. It makes a knot on the end of a rope, which can prevent rope from unraveling and acts as a simple stopper knot.

Poacher's Knot

poacher's knotPoacher's Knot, also known as Double Overhand Noose, is a secure knot used for binding a rope to an object.

Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

round turn and two half hitchesTwo Half Hitches and Round Turn and Two Half Hitches are two very important and very simple knots. There are variations on number of turns around the object and number of applied Half Hitches.

Sheet Bend

sheet-bend-mThe Sheet Bend Knot is used for joining two ropes of equal or unequal size.

It is also known as becket bend, weaver's knot or as weaver's hitch.

Square (Reef) Knot

square knot - reef knotSquare Knot, also known as Reef Knot, is used for binding two ropes together. This is one of the first knots all people learn when tying - shoe laces. Unfortunately, this is not a safe knot.

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