Poacher's Knot

Poacher's Knot, also known as Double Overhand Noose, is a secure knot used for binding a rope to an object.

how to tie a poachers knot

It is one the few knots suitable for tying even very slippery ropes made out of Dyneema and Spectra. For such ropes, there is even stronger alternative with an extra turn, known as Triple Overhand Noose. Common mistake when making this knot is making only one turn around the standing end, which leads to 'ordinary' Overhand Knot, which is not secure knot.

How to tie Poacher's Knot

On the photos below, you can see how this knot is tied. Also, you can click on small photos to see larger gallery.

Make a bight in the end of the rope and turn the tail around the standing end, twice. Pass the tail through the formed loop (two turns) and tighten the knot.