Fishing Rigs

For almost every fishing situation there is another form of fishing rig needed. Fortunately, some general fishing rigs are good for many situations, so when going on a fishing trip, have few of your favorite combinations, but also be sure to have enough spare gear to make adjustments and improvise, if needed, on a site.

Small Apollo (Paternoster) Rigs - Boat and Beach Fishing Rigs


Small apollo (paternoster) rigs are universal fishing rigs suitable as boat and beach fishing rigs. Variations are endless, and here are a few of them that I like to have with me - both of them are made for handline fishing.

Fish Finder Rig - With or Without Floats


Fish Finder Rig is a type of fishing rig commonly used in surf/beach fishing using rods and reels. Also, it can be used as strong and heavy handline rig for fishing from the boat or from the shore.

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