Marine Species

mullet-bait-1There are many marine species suitable for recreational fishing. Some of them are endangered and should be released after being caught - be careful with them and treat them with respect.

On the other hand, many marine species are delicacy, especially if you are the one that caught them AND you are the one that prepared them :)

weever-baitAlso, some of marine species represent great danger for human health - be careful when handling unknown species, since even very small fish can cause great problems and endanger your health and even life.

Here is the list according to the date that species were added to our site. Also, for full list, check List of Marine Species article.

The Greater Amberjack - Seriola Dumerili

greater amberjack 1mThe Greater Amberjack (Seriola Dumerili) is a fish of the genus Seriola. Maximum length of the Greater Amberjack is 1.90 meters, but common specimen is around a meter in length. Its maximum weight is ~80 kg.

They are blue-gray in color, the upper body is often olive, with transition to silvery white on the belly.

An amber-colored stripe runs along the body. Juvenile specimen are yellowish in color, hence the name in many languages - amber or yellow, especially for small specimen.

European Sea Bass - Dicentrarchus Labrax

european sea bass 4mEuropean Sea Bass is one of the most valued fishes in recreational fishing - very tricky and cunning predator which can be found in the waters in and around Europe, including the eastern Atlantic Ocean (from Norway to Senegal), the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

It's appearance - big and strong jaws, powerful body and strong tail fin - reveals it's predatory nature...

Spiny Dye Murex - Bolinus Brandaris

bolinus-brandaris-1mSpiny Dye Murex (or Purple Dye Murex) is a medium-sized predatory sea snail in the family Muricidae, also known as the murex snails or the rock snails.

Warty Crab - Eriphia Verrucosa

eriphia verrucosaWarty crab - Eriphia Verrucosa - or sometimes called Yellow crab, is a species of crab of the Eriphiidae family.

Carapace maximum size is 9cm in width and 7cm in length, with crab maximum weight of around 0.40kg. Such specimens are rare and on average, it is much smaller - around 50g (little less than 2 ounces).

Red Porgy - Pagrus Pagrus

red-porgy-pagrus-pagrus-1mRed Porgy - Pagrus Pagrus - is a fish species in the family Sparidae. Head is strong and relatively large with 4 upper and 6 lower canine like teeth in the jaws; combined with strong tail fin - sign of active predator.

Common Octopus - Octopus Vulgaris

common-octopus-1mThe Common Octopus is a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. They have two eyes and four pairs of arms (that is eight in total, just to be sure) with two rows of suckers. It has a very strong beak, which is capable of crushing or punching holes in various shells.

Common Pandora - Pagellus Erythrinus

common-pandora-mPagellus erythrinus or the Common Pandora, is a fish of the Sparidae family. It has a slim, oval body covered with small scales (it's face included). A typical specimen measures 15-20cm (6-8 inches), but it can reach as much as 60cm in length and 3 kg in weight (~6.5 pounds).

Black Seabream - Spondyliosoma Cantharus

black seabream 1mThe Black Seabream (Spondyliosoma Cantharus) is a species of Sparidae fishes. The fish body is ovoid, relatively deep. The profile of the head above the eye is slightly depressed.

The snout is short with each jaw having 4-6 rows of conical and rather slender teeth. The outer teeth are enlarged, especially in front of jaw.

Gilthead Seabream - Sparus Aurata

sparus-aurata-1mGilthead Seabream is fish from Sparidae family. It is easily recognizable due to black mark just behind the eyes and golden strip between eyes.

Forkbeard - Phycis Phycis

forkbeard-phycis-phycis-mForkbeard, Phycis Phycis, is a species of fish of the cod family (Gadidae). The body is elongated and slightly laterally flattened. The eyes are large and round. It is brownish-red in color dorsally, becoming paler ventrally. Vertical fins are gray-brownish, darker at the edges.

Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse - Coris Julis

mediterranean rainbow wrasse coris julisThe Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse, is a small, very gentle fish in the family Labridae.

Body is elongated, laterally flat, with a small head and a small mouth.

European Conger - Conger Conger

european-conger-conger-1mEuropean Conger is fish from a Congridae family. It is largest eel in the world - it grows up to 3m in length and weighs up to (or even more) than 110kg.

Like all eels, it has elongated, but very strong body - dark (sometimes black) back, transitioning to white-gray on the belly; skin is without scales.

Mediterranean Sand Smelt - Atherina Hepsetus

mediterranean-sand-smelt-mThe body is rather long, slender and somewhat flattened. The mouth is protrusive, facing upward with small teeth. The head and the body are covered with scales.

Comber - Serranus Cabrilla

serranus-cabrilla-comber-mComber is a species of fish in the family Serranidae. It has elongated oval body, with slightly flattened sides. It has relatively large mouth capable of grabbing large bait.

European Squid - Loligo Vulgaris

european-squid-loligo-vulgaris-1mThe European Squid is a large squid belonging to the family Loliginidae. Although this species is extensively exploited by commercial fisheries, it is also commonly targeted by recreational fishermen, often with great success.

European Lobster - Homarus Gammarus

european lobsterEuropean Lobster, also known as Common Lobster, is a species of clawed lobster of the Nephropidae family.

Maximum length is around 60 cm and a mass of 6 kilograms. It has a pair of strong claws, usually right claw being slightly bigger and stronger than left claw.

Common Cuttlefish - Sepia Officinalis

common cuttlefishCommon Cuttlefish, also known as European Common Cuttlefish, is cuttlefish that belongs to the Sepiidae family. It is one of the largest cuttlefish species and certainly one of the tastiest.

The Great Mediterranean Scallop - Pecten Jacobaeus

pecten-jacobaeus-1mThe Great Mediterranean Scallop is an edible saltwater clam in the family Pectinidae. It is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and very similar to The Great Scallop (Pecten Maximus), which has much larger distribution.

European Spiny Lobster - Palinurus Elephas

palinurus elephas european spiny lobsterEuropean Spiny Lobster is a lobster of Palinuridae family. It has slightly compressed, brown-reddish body with large, spiny antennae.

Atlantic Horse Mackerel - Trachurus Trachurus

atlantic-horse-mackerel-mThe Atlantic Horse Mackerel - Trachurus Trachurus - is a jack mackerel species in the family Carangidae. It has elongated, hydrodynamic body with distinct lateral line.

Axillary Seabream - Pagellus Acarne

Axillary Seabream - Pagellus AcarneAxillary Seabream - Pagellus Acarne - is a fish of the Sparidae family. It has elongated, silver-reddish, oval body with relatively small head.

Norway Lobster - Nephrops Norvegicus

norway-lobster-mNorway Lobster is a lobster of Nephropidae family. It has slim, relatively flat pink-orange body with maximum length of 25cm and maximum weight up to 0.30kg.

East Atlantic Peacock Wrasse - Symphodus Tinca

east-atlantic-peacock-wrasse-mEast Atlantic Peacock Wrasse is a fish in the family Labridae. It has a flattened, elongated body, with large fleshy mouth. There are differences between adult males and females - the males are larger and more colorful with blue-green color, while the females are gray-olive in color.

Brown Comber - Serranus Hepatus

serranus-hepatus-brown-comber-1mBrown Comber - Serranus Hepatus - is a fish in the family Serranidae. It is small fish rarely longer than 15cm (6 inches) with maximum recorded length of 25cm (10 inches). On average, it is very small fish with average specimens being 5-7cm (2-3 inches) in length.

Common Dentex - Dentex Dentex

common-dentex-1mCommon Dentex is a fish of Sparidae family. It has strong, robust body, with slightly flattened sides. Tail fin is strong and well built - sign of a good swimmer and deadly predator.

Sharpsnout Seabream - Diplodus Puntazzo

sharpsnout-seabream-diplodus-puntazzo-1mSharpsnout Seabream is fish of the Sparidae family. It has high, oval body, with pointy, sharp snout - hence the name in the most of the languages.

Thornback Ray - Raja Clavata

thornback-ray-raja-clavata-mThe Thornback Ray or Thornback Skate is a fish of the Rajidae family. It has a flattened, square-shaped body with broad, wing-like pectoral fins with a long, thorny tail. The back is covered in numerous thorny spines with numerous dots and spots that aid in camouflage. Color vary depending on the location and habitat - back is brown-gray-reddish with lighter and darker spot, dots and stripes.

Atlantic Bonito - Sarda Sarda

atlantic-bonito-sarda-sarda-2mThe Atlantic Bonito (Sarda Sarda) is a fish of the family Scombridae. Bonitos, fishes in the genus Sarda, differ from tuna with having their bodies compressed and their lack of teeth on the roof of the mouth.

John Dory - Zeus Faber

john-dory-zeus-faber-1mJohn Dory is a fish of the Zeidae family. It has an oval, laterally compressed olive-yellow-brownish body which has a large dark spot and very long spines on the dorsal fin. Large eyes at the front of the head provide John Dory with binocular vision and depth perception, which are important for predators that feeds on small, schooling fish - even when they have such a big mouth.

Sargo - Diplodus Sargus

sargo-diplodus-sargus-1mSargo or White Seabream is fish of the Sparidae family. In appearance, it is very similar to several other fish species of the same family, but they are easily distinguished due to body and head shapes, proportions, stripes etc.

Bogue - Boops Boops

bogue-boops-boops-mBogue is a species of seabream native to the eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas. It is a demersal and semi-pelagic feeder - consumes seaweed, crustaceans and plankton - in schools rises to the surface at night.

Monkfish - Lophius Piscatorius

monkfish-mMonkfish (Angler, Headfish, Goosefish) is name of several types of fish in the northwest Atlantic, most often the species of the anglerfish genus Lophius.

Common Sole - Solea Solea

common-sole1mThe Common Sole is a flatfish in the Soleidae family. It hatches as an 'normal' fish with an eye on each side of the body - it changes shape to flatfish when it is about 1 cm (little less than half of an inch) long.

Garfish - Belone Belone

garfish-belone-belone-1mGarfish is a long and slender fish from Belonidae family. This pelagic fish feeds on small fish and leap out of the water when hooked or when larger predator is present.

Golden Grey Mullet - Liza Aurata

golden-grey-mullet-liza-aurata-1mThe Golden grey mullet is a fish in the family Mugilidae. It has hydrodynamic, very elegant body with strong tail-fin. It has dark gray back that transit into silver white toward the belly with several gray horizontal stripes. On gill covers, there is a golden spot - hence the name.

Red Scorpionfish - Scorpaena Scrofa

red-scorpionfish-scorpaena-scrofa-1mRed Scorpionfish is a venomous fish in the family Scorpaenidae. It is the largest eastern Atlantic scorpion fish - It grows up to a 65cm and weigh up to 6kg, but such large specimens are very rare - commonly, it is 30cm (1 foot) long and weigh about 0.6kg.

Common Two-Banded Seabream - Diplodus Vulgaris

diplodus-vulgaris1mCommon Two-Banded Seabream is fish from Sparidae family. Body is oval, sides flattened, silverish in color with two black vertical stripes - bands - one just after the head, second right in front of the tail.

Painted Comber - Serranus Scriba

painted-comber-1mPainted Comber is relatively small fish from Serranidae (groupers and sea basses) family. Body is silverish in appearance, darker on the back, lighter toward stomach with several black, vertical stripes and large bluish dot on it's sides.

Flathead Grey Mullet - Mugil Cephalus

flathead-gray-mullet-1mFlathead Gray Mullet is fish from Mugilidae family. It is one of the most common mullet species spread worldwide. It has stubby body, but very elegant appearance dominated with meaty lips and big and strong tail.

Damselfish - Chromis Chromis

damselfish-chromis-1m Damselfish (Chromis Chromis) is small fish from Pomacentridae family. It's oval body is covered with large scales. Dark gray-greenish color with yellow dotted stripes going from head to tail.

Blue Mussel - Mytilus Edulis

mussels-1mBlue Mussel - Mytilus Edulis - is also known as common mussel. There are several, very similar, subspecies which can hybridise with each other, if present at the same location.

Salema - Sarpa Salpa (Boops Salpa)

salpa1mSalema is fish from Sparidae family. With egg-shape body and small head, it has small mouth with teeth optimized for mostly herbivorous nutrition. Only small species like to feed on crustaceans and similar food.

Striped Bream - Lithognathus Mormyrus

lithognathus-mormyrus-mStriped Bream is fish from Sparidae family. It has elongated, oval body with fleshy snout. It is grey-silverish with golden glint; white-silver on the bottom with numerous black stripes over the sides.

Prawns and Shrimps

prawn3mPrawns and/or shrimps are common names used for large group of swimming crustaceans with elongated bodies and with swimming as primarily type of locomotion. They are used interchangeably for the same species, depending on the country. That is why in biology Latin names are used - just to be sure :o)

Saddled Seabream - Oblada Melanura

saddled-seabream-m Saddled Seabream is fish from Sparidae family. It is quite common small school fish in the Mediterranean Sea and some parts of Atlantic Ocean (like Bay of Biscay, Madeira, Cape Verde, Canary Islands and from Strait of Gibraltar to Angola).

Annular Gilthead - Diplodus Annularis

diplodus annularisAnnular Gilthead - Diplodus Annularis has a slim, oval body - color ranges from yellow/green-greyish back and sides and white-silver stomach. On tail, it has one black stripe - saddle.

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