squidCephalopods are often treated as 'second class' catch, but they shouldn't. Larger squids can put a really nice fight and octopus salads are often considered as delicacy.

So, if you have opportunity to go after some of these species, feel free ...

Common Octopus - Octopus Vulgaris

common-octopus-1mThe Common Octopus is a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. They have two eyes and four pairs of arms (that is eight in total, just to be sure) with two rows of suckers. It has a very strong beak, which is capable of crushing or punching holes in various shells.

European Squid - Loligo Vulgaris

european-squid-loligo-vulgaris-1mThe European Squid is a large squid belonging to the family Loliginidae. Although this species is extensively exploited by commercial fisheries, it is also commonly targeted by recreational fishermen, often with great success.

Common Cuttlefish - Sepia Officinalis

common cuttlefishCommon Cuttlefish, also known as European Common Cuttlefish, is cuttlefish that belongs to the Sepiidae family. It is one of the largest cuttlefish species and certainly one of the tastiest.

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