prawn-1Crustaceans are delicacy - for humans and many marine species. Even small prawns caught in small nets and traps can be prepared quickly and easily.

On the other hand, live prawns are fantastic bait for countless fish species and many fishermen consider them as on of the best baits available.

Warty Crab - Eriphia Verrucosa

eriphia verrucosaWarty crab - Eriphia Verrucosa - or sometimes called Yellow crab, is a species of crab of the Eriphiidae family.

Carapace maximum size is 9cm in width and 7cm in length, with crab maximum weight of around 0.40kg. Such specimens are rare and on average, it is much smaller - around 50g (little less than 2 ounces).

European Lobster - Homarus Gammarus

european lobsterEuropean Lobster, also known as Common Lobster, is a species of clawed lobster of the Nephropidae family.

Maximum length is around 60 cm and a mass of 6 kilograms. It has a pair of strong claws, usually right claw being slightly bigger and stronger than left claw.

European Spiny Lobster - Palinurus Elephas

palinurus elephas european spiny lobsterEuropean Spiny Lobster is a lobster of Palinuridae family. It has slightly compressed, brown-reddish body with large, spiny antennae.

Norway Lobster - Nephrops Norvegicus

norway-lobster-mNorway Lobster is a lobster of Nephropidae family. It has slim, relatively flat pink-orange body with maximum length of 25cm and maximum weight up to 0.30kg.

Prawns and Shrimps

prawn3mPrawns and/or shrimps are common names used for large group of swimming crustaceans with elongated bodies and with swimming as primarily type of locomotion. They are used interchangeably for the same species, depending on the country. That is why in biology Latin names are used - just to be sure :o)

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