Annular Gilthead - Diplodus Annularis


Latin: Diplodus Annularis

English: Annular Gilthead

German: Ringel Brasse

French: Sparaillon

Italian: Sparo

Croatian: Špar, baraj, kolorep

About:  Diplodus Annularis or Annular Gilthead is a fish of the Sparidae family.

diplodus-annularis-3It has a slim, oval body - color ranges from yellow/green-greyish back and sides and white-silver stomach. On tail, it has one black stripe - saddle.

It is relatively small fish - at most 22 cm (8.5 inches) long and weigh up to 0.37 kg (0.8 pounds). On average, it is much smaller, with average specimen around 30g (1 ounce).

Spawning occurs during summer.

Habitat: Annular Gilthead can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea from 0 to 90 m, rarely deeper. It is very common in harbors, protected bays and inlets where it is often mixed with other small fish.

Fishing period: It can be caught all year long, but much better during warmer months in the evening or early in the morning.

diplodus-annularis-2Fishing rigs and tackle: It is often caught on light handline (with or without float), but it can also be caught with various nets and traps. Although very small, it fights all the way, but still, it is very small fish - for many kids, Annular Gilthead is one of the first trophies :o)

It is often used as live bait for much larger fish on longline or as trolling bait - when trolling with live Annular Gilthead, reduce trolling speed.

Cuisine: It has very fine, tender, tasty white meat - and plenty of sharp bones. Larger specimens are rare, but when barbequed with some olive oil and few lemon drops, they are delicacy. Smaller specimens are often fried to make bones somewhat softer. It is often used for making great fish soups with other small fish.