Axillary Seabream - Pagellus Acarne

Axillary Seabream - Pagellus Acarne

Latin: Pagellus Acarne

English: Axillary Seabream

French: Pageot Acarne, Pageot Blanc

Italian: Pagello Bastardo, Fragolino Bastardo

Croatian: Batoglavac, Batelj, Rumenac

About: Axillary Seabream - Pagellus Acarne - is a fish of the Sparidae family. It has elongated, silver-reddish, oval body with relatively small head.

It's maximum length is 35cm and maximum weight around 0.5kg, but such specimens are rare - commonly it grows up to 25cm.

Habitat: Pagellus Acarne can be found in Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. It is not so common around British Isles.

Adults prefer seagrass beds and sandy bottoms down to 500 m depth, but it is more common between 30 and 70 m. Young specimens are usually found nearer to the shore, even in harbors where they often mix with other small fish.

It is omnivorous fish, not very picky about its food - it prefers worms, mollusks, small crustaceans etc.

pagellus-acarne-2Fishing period: It can be caught all year long, but much better during warmer spring and summer months in the evening and early in the morning. It is not very active during the day, but if served with proper bait, it will strike it.

Fishing rigs and tackle: It can be caught using light gear - rod and reels or handline. In harbors, rigs using floats are commonly used to catch such fish.

As bait, one can use small chunks of fish meat, especially sardines, live prawns (but, it will accept dead one, too), mussels, worms, paste, bread etc.

It can be caught in nets and traps and larger specimen sometimes with spearguns.

Cuisine: It has characteristic aroma and taste that some people don't like. White and tender meat is great in mixed fish stews.

Larger specimen can be barbequed, while smaller ones are fried - feel free to add some lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, parsley ...