Bogue - Boops Boops


Latin: Boops Boops

English: Bogue

German: Die Gelbstriemenbrasse

French: Le Bogue

bogue-boops-boops-1Italian: La Boga

Spanish: La Boga

Croatian: Bukva, Matijaš, Buba, Batelj

About: Bogue is a species of seabream native to the eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas. It is a demersal and semi-pelagic feeder - consumes seaweed, crustaceans and plankton - in schools rises to the surface at night.

It has elongated, oval body - color is between blue-greyish and olive-green on back transitioning to silver-white on stomach. On it's sides, it has 3-4 golden horizontal stripes.

Individuals can reach 40 cm in length and 0.5kg in weight, but rarely. On average, it is much smaller fish 0.05 - 0.07 kg. Sometimes, it can be found in large schools. Doesn't like brackish waters very much.

Habitat: It is native to the eastern Atlantic and in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

It can be found from shallows to depths up to 350m, but much more commonly between 5 and 50m.

It is not very picky about sea bottom - can be found on various bottoms like sand, mud, rocks and sea beds covered with various seaweeds. Often, during summer stays usually away from shores and in winter comes closer to the shores - this also depends on many other factors, so don't be surprised to catch large specimens in harbors and ports during summer.

bogue-boops-boops-3Fishing period: It can be caught all year long, much better during summer and autumn. It will bite all day long, but much better in the evening and early in the morning.

Fishing rigs and tackle: Bogue is small fish, so fishing rigs can be relatively light. Use light rods with appropriate reels and handline. Sometimes, when large school is found relatively close to the surface, use floats.

Also, it can be caught in nets and sometimes in fish traps.

Many predatory species will strike on line baited with dead or alive Bogue, so if you plan to use them as bait, keep them in tanks or buckets with fresh water - they can live easily there for awhile.

As bait, for Bogue, use mussels, bread, bread pasta, bread-cheese pasta, small prawns etc.

Cuisine: Taste is ok. It can be prepared in many ways, mostly pan fried due to smaller specimens and served with some olive oil, parsley, garlic, lemon juice...