Golden Grey Mullet - Liza Aurata


Latin: Liza Aurata (Mugil Auratus)

English: Golden Grey Mullet

German: Gold-Meeräsche

French: Le Mulet Doré

Italian: Il Cefalo Dorato

Spanish: La Lisa Dorada

Croatian: Cipal Zlatac, Zlatulj, ┼Żutac, Glavatac

About: The Golden grey mullet is a fish in the family Mugilidae. It has hydrodynamic, very elegant body with strong tail-fin. It has dark gray back that transit into silver white toward the belly with several gray horizontal stripes. On gill covers, there is a golden spot - hence the name.

Maximum length is up to 45cm (around 18 inches) and weight up to 1 kg (around 2.2 pounds). On average, it is around 0.15 kg (little more than 5 ounces).

It spawns from middle of Summer till the end of Autumn, location dependent. If forms small and sometimes, very large schools.

golden-grey-mullet-liza-aurata-2Habitat: Golden Grey Mullet can be found in Eastern Atlantic, in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. It is not very picky about water - it is entering lagoons, lower estuaries and fresh water where it feeds on small benthic organisms, plankton and detritus.

It ranges from shallows to depths of about 20m, but it is most common between 2 - 10m. In ports and harbors it can be often seen between boats, near piers, buoys etc, just like most of the mullets. If you wonder, if there are mullets around your fishing location - just throw slice or two of bread and wait minute or two - if they are present, they will gather around the bread and start to feed, attracting other species as well.

Fishing period: It is present all year long, but best periods are during warmer months, in the morning or in the evening.

Fishing rigs and tackle: It can be caught with various nets and small fishing traps. Larger specimen are nice catch for every recreational speargun fishermen.

Also, it can be hooked on rigs with floats - use various baits like bread, bread with cheese, pasta, small worms and similar. It can be very wary when feeding, but when it starts to 'suck' on bait, usually it is 'game over' :)


Golden Grey Mullet on fish market with little 'friend' - European Spiny Lobster (Common Spiny Lobster) :)
Photo by N.M.

Cuisine: Meat is white, soft and very tender. Taste varies depending on the fishing location, but in most cases, taste is good. Liza Aurata can be pan fried, especially smaller fish. Larger ones can be barbequed or grilled and with some olive oil and lemon juice they can be delicacy.