Striped Bream - Lithognathus Mormyrus

lithognathus-mormyrusLatin: Lithognathus Mormyrus

English: Striped Bream, Sand Steenbras, Mourmoura

German: Marmorbrassen

French: Marbre

Italian: Marmoro

Croatian: OvĨica, Arkaj, Mormora

lithognathus-mormyrus2About: Striped Bream is fish from Sparidae family. It has elongated, oval body with fleshy snout. It is grey-silverish with golden glint; white-silver on the bottom with numerous black stripes over the sides. Maximum length is around 45 cm (18 inches) and weigh up to 2 kg (2.2 pounds). Similar species around world are up to 2 m long and weigh much more. Feeds on worms, mollusks and small crustaceans and sometimes form sizable schools. Like to dig in the sand and mud.

Spawning occurs during summer, mostly.

lithognathus-mormyrus3Habitat: Striped Bream can be found over sandy and muddy bottoms as well as on seagrass bottoms. It can be found in Eastern Atlantic, whole Mediterranean and on many locations around Africa and Western Indian Ocean. It roams from shallows to depths up to 150m, but mostly can be found between 10 and 20m.

Fishing period: Fishing period - all year long, especially during autumn, during light wind and light rain.

How to Fish Mourmoura - Striped Sea Bream

lithognathus-mormyrus4Fishing rigs and tackle: It can be hooked on various rigs, but also can be caught with various nets and traps. Best bait are little worms and prawns, but also mussels and fish chunks. From time to time, it can be caught on small lure intended for European Sea Bass or any similar species.

One of the best rigs for catching Mourmoura - Striped Bream is a rig with 1-2 small hooks, followed by swivel and small lead and main line. Bait the hooks and cast the rig on the sandy bottom - slowly reel in the rig (~10cm/4 inches per second); as the fishing weight is pulled over the sand, it will disturb it and attract various fish species that like to dig into the sand, Mourmoura included. Upon arrival, fish will find the bait and strike. Enjoy your fishing! :)

Often can be caught on light longline positioned on locations known for it's presence.

Cuisine: Fish is often regarded as delicacy - barbequed with olive oil, lemon and some garlic and parsley with glass of good wine is one of the best foods around. So much about dieting :o)

Also, it is great in fish stew and soup. Smaller specimens can be pan fried.