Fish Recipes

grilled-sea-breammussels-pasta-recipeFish and other marine species are often considered as delicacy in many cultures around the world. With good reason. Feel free to try these recipes and enjoy great tasting meals ...

Mixed Fish Stew - Eel, European Sea Bass, Gilthead Seabream

fish stew-mFish stew from various fish species is one of my favorite delicacies. A fatty fish (Eel) is combined with two white fish (European Sea Bass and Gilthead Seabream) to create a festival for senses ...

Baked Common Octopus with Potatoes

common-octopus-baked-mOven baked Common Octopus with potatoes is considered as a delicacy - with good reason. It takes some time to prepare it, but in the end, one gets fantastic meal, good as everyday meal, but also for some special occasions.

Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe

shrimp-scampi-pasta-recipe-mShrimps and prawns are great bait for many fish species, but they can also be used for preparing great meals. Shrimp pasta recipe is easy and quick to make meal with fantastic depth of flavors...

Quick Fish Pate Recipe

fish-pate-recipe-5mFish pate is often used as appetizer for main fish course like fish stews, grilled fish, barbequed fish etc. Also, it can be used for various snacks. This is very quick recipe, with just a few ingredients, having great taste and aroma and after making, it can be kept refrigerated for day or two.

Mixed Fish Stew With Golden Grey Mullet

mixed-mullet-fish-stew-mGolden Grey Mullet can be prepared in many ways, but when prepared in fish stew with other fresh fish, it is a delicacy. As usual with fish stews :)

Boiled Saddled Seabream with Fish Soup

boiled-saddled-seabream-1mBoiled Saddled Seabream with olive oil, parsley, garlic and lemon is an easy, but very tasty fish meal that is prepared in no time.

Fried Sardines with Potato Salad

fried-sardines-mFrying is very simple way of preparing food. It is very often used for preparing small fish - prepared fish is very tasty and bones are softened and not so sharp anymore.

Norway Lobster Stew

Norway Lobster StewNorway lobster stew is, simply put, delicacy. Recipe is relatively simple and can be made in under 30 minutes.

Tomato and Spring Onion Salad

tomato-onion-salad-mTomato and green onions salad is one of the simplest and quickest salads to make. It is great for barbequed or grilled fish.

Simple Potato Salad Recipe

potato-salad-3mPotato salad is one of my favorite salads to be served with seafood as a side dish. It is easy to make, although it requires some cooking.

Cooked Halibut Fillets with Potatoes

halibut-fillet-2mCooked halibut fillets with potatoes is type of a fish soup that can be served as appetizer, or even as a main dish. It can be made from frozen halibut fillets or from fresh ones.

Mackerel Fish Soup

mackerel-soup-mMackerels and similar species are often caught when trolling, sometimes in large numbers. Soup made out of such fish is easy and quick meal to make and it is very tasty.

Norway Lobster with Fish Mixed Stew

fish-stew-recipe-2-mNorway lobster in combination with fish is great combination for stew. In this combination, Norway lobster is combined with European Sea Bass, Common Pandora and Gilthead Seabream.

Barbequed Norway Lobster

grilled-norway-lobster-mNorway lobster is one of the delicacies from the sea no matter how it is prepared. Barbequing is one of the best methods for preparing a fantastic meal.

Fried Prawns on Non-Stick Pan

fried-prawns-mPrawns are great bait for various fish species, but they are also great tasting meal. They are cooked in no time - just wash them and throw on the pan ...

Pan Grilled Gilthead Seabream

grilled-gilthead-seabream-mGrilling fish in pans is one of the best and fastest ways of preparing various fishes - Gilthead Seabream included. And it is very easy to make - with just few things to wash after cooking :)

Pan Grilled European Sea Bass - Branzino

pan-grilled-sea-bass-2mBranzino (Italian pl. Branzini) or European Sea Bass can be quickly prepared in non-stick grilling pan. It's taste is great, especially when grilled with some herbs and spices - not as good as barbequed sea bass, but much healthier.

Grilled Sardines

sardines-grilled-3mSardines grilled on non-stick grilling pan is very easy, quick and healthy fish recipe. Combine it with potato or similar salad and you have complete, very satiating meal in no time.

Fried Hake Fillets - Pan Fried Hake

fried hake filletsFried hake fillets is very simple pan fried hake recipe. Just take hake fillets, add some spices, fry them and meal is ready. As a side dish, you can have potato salad or mixed vegetables with some whole grain bread...

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