Mixed Fish Stew With Golden Grey Mullet

golden grey mulletGolden Grey Mullet can be prepared in many ways, but when prepared in fish stew with other fresh fish, it is a delicacy. As usual with fish stews :)

Sometimes Golden Grey Mullets can have odd aroma and taste because of the location where they were caught.

But, Golden Grey Mullet (and other mullets) from clean waters have great taste and fragrance.

Making Mixed Fish Stew

Recipe is simple and straightforward.

Put a suitable pot on medium heat, add few tablespoons of olive oil, add sliced onions and minced clove or two of garlic. Mix everything until onion gets pale golden-gray color.

Then, add some crushed tomatoes, chopped celery (parsley is added when meal is almost done or when fish is served), leaf of laurel, some salt and pepper and a sliced carrot. Of course, add other herbs and spices according to your personal preferences.

Mix everything and add fish - if you have some fatty fish (Eels or something similar), add fatty fish first and saute/fry it for minute or two on both sides.

Add rest of the fish, add some good white wine and water, so that all of the fish is in the liquid.


When everything starts to boil, decrease the heat and let it cook for 15-20 minutes - don't mix fish stew - shake the pot here and then, but don't mix it!

palinurus elephas european spiny lobsterNote: Adding single medium American or European (Spiny) Lobster (depending on which side of the pond you are), or few Norway lobsters or maybe prawns or shrimps or some similar crustaceans can improve fish stew even more.

While fish stew is slowly cooking, one can make a side dish - as usual, serve polenta or simple potato salad with this meal.

Boiled potatoes or whole grain pasta with some mixed vegetables can be served as a side dish, too.

After fish is done, turn off the heat, cover the pot with the lid and let everything settle down for 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, set the table (plates, bread, wine ...) and when time comes, serve the fish with a side dish.

Fish in fish stew tastes great, but I like to improve the taste even more by adding some chopped parsley and minced garlic onto the fish when fish is being served.

Bone Appetite!