Fried Fish

fried-fish-mFrying is one of the most simple ways of preparing fish. Take the fish, fry it on the both sides for few minutes, serve warm and eat. And that is all :o)

Note: Using non-stick frying pans is very common these days, but be careful, they like medium to low heat. Also, if you use olive oil for frying (non-stick or ordinary pans), use low to medium heat, too. Just like non-stick pans, olive oil don't like heat very much - it will not become poisonous, but it will lose much of it's taste and fragrance.

Fried Sardines with Potato Salad

fried-sardines-mFrying is very simple way of preparing food. It is very often used for preparing small fish - prepared fish is very tasty and bones are softened and not so sharp anymore.

Fried Prawns on Non-Stick Pan

fried-prawns-mPrawns are great bait for various fish species, but they are also great tasting meal. They are cooked in no time - just wash them and throw on the pan ...

Fried Hake Fillets - Pan Fried Hake

fried hake filletsFried hake fillets is very simple pan fried hake recipe. Just take hake fillets, add some spices, fry them and meal is ready. As a side dish, you can have potato salad or mixed vegetables with some whole grain bread...

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