Fried Prawns on Non-Stick Pan

Prawns are great bait for various fish species, but they are also great tasting meal. They are cooked in no time - just wash them and throw on the pan ...

fried-prawns-1Preparation is very simple - put the prawns into the strainer and wash them with plenty of water.

Let all of the water to drip away.

Using dry cloth, dry them even more. Now, prawns are ready for frying.

fried-prawns-2For frying prawns and other similar meals, I like to use non-stick pan.

Put a half of tablespoon of olive oil on non-stick pan (yes, add some oil even though we are using non-stick pan) and using paper towel spread oil over the pan.

Non-stick pans and olive oil don't like high temperature, so keep heat in moderation.

Put prawns into the pan and fry each side 3-4 minutes, depending on the size (thickness) of prawns and applied heat.

And that is all.

Prawns are prepared whole and they are most often consumed whole, without peeling off. If you like, you can peel them, but they are very tasty and crunchy when eaten whole.


Prawns can be used as appetizers, as main course or even as desert or snack.

When served as main course, as side dish one can use polenta, potato salad, mixed vegetables etc. A glass of wine will also do fine :)

Serve warm.