Grilled Fish

grilled-fish-mGrilled fish is one of the best tasting foods around. Fish grilled on ember is perhaps not the healthiest foods, but who wants to live forever? :)

Fish can be grilled on barbeque, on grilling pans, stone plates etc. Non-stick grilling pans are similar to frying pans and fish prepared in such way doesn't taste as good as barbequed fish, but since there is no oil dripping on ember (actually, no ember at all), fish prepared this way is much healthier.

Barbequed Norway Lobster

grilled-norway-lobster-mNorway lobster is one of the delicacies from the sea no matter how it is prepared. Barbequing is one of the best methods for preparing a fantastic meal.

Pan Grilled Gilthead Seabream

grilled-gilthead-seabream-mGrilling fish in pans is one of the best and fastest ways of preparing various fishes - Gilthead Seabream included. And it is very easy to make - with just few things to wash after cooking :)

Pan Grilled European Sea Bass - Branzino

pan-grilled-sea-bass-2mBranzino (Italian pl. Branzini) or European Sea Bass can be quickly prepared in non-stick grilling pan. It's taste is great, especially when grilled with some herbs and spices - not as good as barbequed sea bass, but much healthier.

Grilled Sardines

sardines-grilled-3mSardines grilled on non-stick grilling pan is very easy, quick and healthy fish recipe. Combine it with potato or similar salad and you have complete, very satiating meal in no time.

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