Barbequed Norway Lobster

Norway lobster is one of the delicacies from the sea no matter how it is prepared. Barbequing is one of the best methods for preparing a fantastic meal.

Norway lobster is available all year long as frozen, fresh or even as a live in tanks. Of course, if you have opportunity to buy live ones, don't think twice - you will probably have to pay nice price, but in the end, for such delicacy, it is worth it.

So, put them into the strainer and wash with plenty of water. Let them dry a little bit and let all excess water to drip away.

If possible, using sharp needle, inject few drops of extra virgin olive oil into the middle of the tail and into the body of the lobsters and put them on the barbeque.


Barbeque them on all sides for several minutes, depending on the size of lobsters and available heat - medium heat is recommended since it will cook lobster thoroughly and will give nice golden-brown color to their pink-orange bodies.

When done, serve warm with some side dish like polenta, boiled potatoes, potato salad, mix vegetables and similar.

It is common during barbequing to add few leaves and branches of lavender and/or rosemary onto embers to give them really special aroma and fragrance.

With their soft and tender meat, some white wine will do fine.

Bone Appetite!