Grilled Sardines

Sardines grilled on non-stick grilling pan is very easy, quick and healthy fish recipe. Combine it with potato or similar salad and you have complete, very satiating meal in no time.

sardines-grilled-1Clean the fish and put it into the strainer to remove any water - dry the fish with paper towels if necessary.

Add some salt and other spices you like - grilling pan doesn't have that smell and aroma like real barbeque, so adding some marjoram, laurel, lavender, olive oil etc can greatly improve taste and aroma.

sardines-grilled--2Preheat the pan - too much heat can damage non-stick pans, so be careful.

Put the sardines on pan and grill for 3-4 minutes on one side - depending on applied heat and size of sardines.

sardines-grilled-3Grill second side for 3-4 minutes and that is all. Serve warm and enjoy it.


Depending on the season, sardines can be very fatty fish (btw, these are healthy fats), so there is no need to add much oil when preparing them on non-stick pans.

But, when served, add some olive oil (half of tablespoon is usually enough for additional flavor and aroma per serving) and lemon juice.

Sardines are great with salads (potato salad, for example), various vegetables (spinach, cauliflower etc), polenta etc.

Some people don't like sardines because they can be little bit heavy on stomach - reduce the amount of sardines per serving and combine them with some proper beverage - wine, beer or even carbonated water can be of great help.

Enjoy ...