Pan Grilled European Sea Bass - Branzino

Branzino (Italian pl. Branzini) or European Sea Bass can be quickly prepared in non-stick grilling pan. It's taste is great, especially when grilled with some herbs and spices - not as good as barbequed sea bass, but much healthier.

Preparation is easy - clean the fish and using (paper) towels dry it. If fish is bigger/thicker, using sharp knife make several diagonal, 3-4 mm (1/8 - 1/6 of an inch) deep, cuts.

Now, put fish in a suitable pot, add a tablespoon of olive oil, add some salt, pepper and rub in some chopped laurel, rosemary and lavender - if you have Mediterranean spices (or some similar mix), use it.

Preheat non-stick grilling pan (use moderate heat), add some olive oil and grill your fish for 4-5 minutes each side - if fish is thicker, grill each side twice.

Remember - non-stick pans and olive oil don't like too much heat.


Anyway, be sure that fish is thoroughly grilled - European Sea Bass can be rather thick fish and it takes some time to grill it.

pan-grilled-sea-bass-3I prefer to prepare it - whole, but if you have couple of fish that can fit your pan only if you remove their heads, then remove them.

There is a small piece of meat on fish head in the area of fish cheeks - very soft and tasty. This piece of meat is enough reason for me to prepare my fish - whole :)

When done, add few drops of lemon, some minced garlic and parsley onto fish - serve with some potato salad or boiled mangold (with some boiled potatoes and olive oil).

Enjoy! :)