Pan Grilled Gilthead Seabream

Grilling fish in pans is one of the best and fastest ways of preparing various fishes - Gilthead Seabream included. And it is very easy to make - with just few things to wash after cooking :)

grilled-gilthead-seabream-1Gilthead Seabream can be found fresh or frozen, wild or farmed. And if it is caught by you, even better - you know exactly when and were it was caught.

If you have time, there are several simple ways to marinate fish - marinating fish even for hour or two can improve fish taste significantly. On the other hand, if you are in the hurry, then:

- clean the fish and dry it with paper towels

- put the fish on plate, tray, kitchen board etc. If the fish is thicker, make few diagonal cuts - 4-5 cm long and 3-4 mm deep.

- add some salt and rub in some rosemary, lavender and laurel into the fish skin - don't press to hard

- oil the fish with some extra virgin olive oil - there is no need to use plenty of oil.

Non-stick grilling pans are ideal for grilling fish - keep heat low to moderate - these pans usually don't like plenty of heat nor does olive oil. It will take some time for fish to get it's golden brown color, but it will be properly done inside, which can be great problem when grilling (thicker) fish in pans.

Also, non-stick grilling pans require no additional oil for grilling - we added some olive oil on fish which makes sticking fish to pan almost impossible :)

So, depending on the fish thickness, grill fish on both sides for about 5-6 minutes. If you notice that fish needs more time to be grilled properly, grill each side twice.


After fish is done, add some minced garlic and chopped parsley (with or without olive oil) and serve warm with few slices of lemon, some good bread, potato salad etc.

And that is all - simple and very tasty meal is done.

Bone Appetite!