Other Recipes

other-recipesThere are various seafood recipes that are hard to classify (fried, grilled ...), but nonetheless, they are worth trying and enjoying :o)

We have tried these recipes and we have enjoyed them - hopefully, you will too ...

Baked Common Octopus with Potatoes

common-octopus-baked-mOven baked Common Octopus with potatoes is considered as a delicacy - with good reason. It takes some time to prepare it, but in the end, one gets fantastic meal, good as everyday meal, but also for some special occasions.

Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe

shrimp-scampi-pasta-recipe-mShrimps and prawns are great bait for many fish species, but they can also be used for preparing great meals. Shrimp pasta recipe is easy and quick to make meal with fantastic depth of flavors...

Quick Fish Pate Recipe

fish-pate-recipe-5mFish pate is often used as appetizer for main fish course like fish stews, grilled fish, barbequed fish etc. Also, it can be used for various snacks. This is very quick recipe, with just a few ingredients, having great taste and aroma and after making, it can be kept refrigerated for day or two.

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