Quick Fish Pate Recipe

Fish pate is often used as appetizer for main fish course like fish stews, grilled fish, barbequed fish etc. Also, it can be used for various snacks. This is very quick recipe, with just a few ingredients, having great taste and aroma and after making, it can be kept refrigerated for day or two.

fish pate recipe For this fish pate, one needs one tuna canned in salt water, one can of fish with vegetables (choose brand and kind according to your taste), few green olives, lemon.
fish pate recipe On kitchen board, chop some onions and green olives. There is no need to slice everything into very small bits - we will use hand stick blender for that :)
fish pate recipePut everything in suitable tall (plastic) pot:

- drained canned tuna
- canned fish with vegetables
- chopped onion (one small or half of medium one)
- few drops of lemon
- some pepper, garlic maybe (great taste, but odor may be undesirable in some situations!), little bit of salt.

If you want, you can put some Mediterranean herbs, but when adding herbs and spices, there is always danger of 'killing' food with too much spices - for me, pepper and little bit of salt is enough for this recipe.

fish pate recipe Using hand stick blender, blend everything. It takes only few seconds, but depending on desired consistency, some people tend to blend everything very well.
fish pate recipeStore fish pate refrigerated in some plastic pot with hermetic lid. When time comes, take fish pate and spread it on some whole grain bread or toast and serve with, for example, cherry tomatoes.

Depending on the occasion, serve also some good wine, something not too sweet and not too strong - this is just an appetizer, remember? :)

Using fish cans for meals like this enables these recipes to be made rather quickly.

Note: I don't add olive oil in this and similar recipes, since there is plenty of fluids in canned fish and vegetables, not to mention lemon juice. If desired, add a teaspoon (teaspoon, not tablespoon!) of olive oil, just be sure that fish is well drained before blending or your pate may end up too soft. But, taste will be great! :)

Bone Appetite!