Tomato and Spring Onion Salad

Tomato and green onions salad is one of the simplest and quickest salads to make. It is great for barbequed or grilled fish.

tomato onion saladFor this salad, one needs few tomatoes and spring onions.

Preparation is very simple.

tomato onion saladWash tomatoes and using sharp knife sliced them to desired size and shape. Put them into the suitable bowl.


tomato onion saladClean the green onions and chop them to small, ring-like pieces.

Add them to the bowl with tomatoes.

tomato-onion-salad-4Add some salt and pepper to the vegetables, add a tablespoon of olive oil and gently mix everything.

And that is all.

Reasons why I like this salad:

- quick and easy to make,

- there is no cooking of any kind,

- there isn't much dishes to wash after preparation (a knife, a kitchen board and a salad bowl),

- taste is fantastic, especially if you have home grown tomatoes.

Note: cherry tomatoes are very tasty too, so feel free to try this salad with them too.

As said before, this salad goes very well with barbequed and grilled fish and some whole grain bread and a nice glass of wine ...