Fish Soup Recipes

fish-soup-mFish soup is often served 'just' as an appetizer meal before main course. It is very 'light' meal, but there are also recipes for main course fish soups.

Boiled Saddled Seabream with Fish Soup

boiled-saddled-seabream-1mBoiled Saddled Seabream with olive oil, parsley, garlic and lemon is an easy, but very tasty fish meal that is prepared in no time.

Cooked Halibut Fillets with Potatoes

halibut-fillet-2mCooked halibut fillets with potatoes is type of a fish soup that can be served as appetizer, or even as a main dish. It can be made from frozen halibut fillets or from fresh ones.

Mackerel Fish Soup

mackerel-soup-mMackerels and similar species are often caught when trolling, sometimes in large numbers. Soup made out of such fish is easy and quick meal to make and it is very tasty.

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