Boiled Saddled Seabream with Fish Soup

Boiled Saddled Seabream with olive oil, parsley, garlic and lemon is an easy, but very tasty fish meal that is prepared in no time.

Cooking is quite simple - put a suitable pot with cold water on the stove (medium heat) and while water is still cold add:

- a tablespoon of olive oil,
- whole small onion, cut in half,
- a carrot,
- some salt and pepper,
- and, of course, fish.

When water starts to boil, reduce the heat even more and let it boil for 15 minutes. If needed, shake the pot few times - do NOT mix it.

boiled saddled seabream

Boiled Saddled Seabream - Photo by N.M.

After 15 or so minutes (larger specimens require few more minutes of boiling), carefully place fish on the plate, add some olive oil, parsley, garlic and some lemon.

Serve warm as main course with vegetables or potato salad.

As an appetizer, one can use water where fish was boiled - using strainer, filter out liquid into another pot, add cooked carrot, add some pasta and boil for 7-8 minutes (depending on the pasta).

When pasta is cooked, you have great fish soup that can be served before boiled fish.

Instead of pasta, one can use, for example, rice.

Bone Appetite! :)